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Caribbean Living

It was built on the level site of the old naval hospital in English Harbour, with constant breeze and a stunning framed view over what is now a UNESCO world heritage site; the National Park, including Nelson’s Dockyard, Shirley’s Heights Lookout, Pillars of Hercules, Fort Berkeley and Clarence House to the Atlantic Ocean beyond. It is one of the best views in the Caribbean and only a few minutes walk from both marinas, all the bars and restaurants the town has to offer.

Main House

The main house had originally been designed
with a living pavilion, which was open to the garden and connected to a self contained enclosed kitchen through a door on the south west side, a porch on the west end and to a separate wing with two bedrooms connected by a pergola at the other end.

The kitchen, and both bedrooms each had its own key, as they were effectively all external doors. These additional structures were enclosed with a wooden latticework. There was a pergola and a courtyard off the rear of the living and a small terrace out the front.

The Loft

The Loft is a flight of fancy. It has flexible spaces which could be a high end dormitory for yacht crews or a fun space for couples or a family. It is called the Loft as it is in an elevated position and was inspired by open plan modern life loft living.


The Gate house is a 500 sq.ft. 1 bedroom cottage that has been designed as a security/caretaker’s cottage but actually provides the most comfortable, self contained space on the property and has proven popular with yacht race team owners/captains during rentals.

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Solar Energy

The Main house has a Solar PV system with a battery which prevents low voltage, power surges and provides emergency back up for power outages.


Simplifi 10kW Lithium-Ion battery system including switch gear and smart energy software in a weather proof cabinet.  

Water System

The Main House and the Loft both have solar hot water with two 3 x 8 ft. collectors on their flat roofs and 125 gallon storage tanks below.

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